When you’ve done all the work you thought you needed and still feel pain within, this may be for you….
How Can I Improve My Physical and Emotional Wellbeing and Life In General By Looking Inside Myself?
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Do you have physical ailments, mental health issues, relationship difficulties or day-to-day normal seeming routines causing problems in your health or life in general?

Have you been on a merry-go-round of self-help yet still the same recurring challenges or health problems remain?

Science has now confirmed that the root cause of most of our issues is emotional.

In this 5-week Radical Healing Journey you go deeply within and uncover and resolve the emotional root cause that put your life issue in place.

So before you continue, stop and take 3 long deep breaths in and recognise there’s nothing for you to do right now.

Drop any story of pain, suffering or victim-ness and turn your attention inside, go within and connect with your inner pain.

The root cause that put your issues in place lies beneath this pain.

Let all the pain come, let it grow stronger and be willing to feel it fully.

“Seeking” often refers to suffering and trying to find a fix from the outside.

Yet “Seekers” already have what they’ve been seeking for, inside.

There is nothing to get. Nothing to attain. Nothing to achieve.

You’re already it, whole and complete.

Your inner diamond story… 

It is said, that when we are born, we are born as a shining diamond and our 
beings radiate this. 

Then through life’s trials, muck gets thrown at us and some of it sticks.

Eventually, after a lifetime of covering up our true brilliance we forget all about the 
pristine preciousness that is hidden deep inside.

And for us to be able to shine like diamonds we need to remove these layers of muck.

That often means that we need to go through the pain of what we’ve been covering and feel what needs to be felt in order to clear out the dirt and reveal the divine nature of our own being.

And Journey Practitioners can help facilitate this clearing process….

…and this programme over 5-weeks, will give you life long skills to facilitate your own healing for years to come.

Be aware of what's happening in your body. 
It's trying to tell you something.

The connection between your mind and body is a powerful one. When you can ignore the messages from your mind, then your body can take over. 

Your body is constantly giving you signs, the way you hold yourself, sensations experienced in your body (heaviness, heartache, tension) and the way your body works day-to-day. 

Has your body slowed down? Is there physical pain? Does it ache? Does it feel heavy? Restless? Tired? Drained? Do you feel your body weakening, withering, scrunched or as though it’s holding back? If your body could speak to you now, what would it tell you?

Ask yourself these questions:

* Do you have any recurring physical ailments, challenges or health problems
* When you are unwell, how does that make you feel?
* Do you feel any resistance to being healthy, full of life and energy?
* In what areas of your body do you feel resistance?
* In what ways has your body been sending you messages, that you may or may not have noticed or paid attention to in the past?
* Which emotions make you feel uncomfortable to express, share in public and / or private?
* When your emotions get stirred up, what do you typically do with these emotions?

Our Issues Don’t Just Happen to Us, 
They Have a Root Cause Stored Inside Our Body

Over the years, we’ve worked with thousands of people looking to improve their health and general wellbeing. People travel from all over the world to attend workshops lasting 3 – 10 days. They invest time and money to uncover and clear the root cause that created their issue.

Now you can experience the same process through an online community, tuning in from home and get the support you need from coaches and other members from around the world.  

5-week Transformative Online Program from Your Own Living Room
Begins on APRIL 18th 2016
It's My First Internet Based Process and I Have Been Amazed
“It's my first Internet based process and I have been impressed by its ability to hold the space as if I was in a retreat.”

Aurora Kerr
Life Coach from Australia
I Never Believed In Online Programs, But This Time It’s Been Really Worth It
“I have never had any success with internet programmes because of my lack of technical knowledge and the fact that I don't like sitting in front of a computer to read for hours at a time. I avoid these kinds of programmes unless I can participate live. So I decided this was worth trying for the first time and it really was. Support has been excellent.”

Sherry Auer
Retired Social Worker, USA
I Feel the Support of the Community in My Every Day Life
“The openness and sense of not being alone that is shared and felt on a daily basis.”
Jennifer Olensky
Former Office Worker, Waitress from New York
How Radical Healing Journey Supports Your Healing

Instant Access To Excellent Content
After you check in, all the Radical Healing Journey resources (10 hours of videos and audios) are available at your fingertips whenever you face a challenge. You’ll also receive workbooks, step-by-step guidance sheets, full Journey audiobook and additional materials to grab whenever you’re looking for support

(Want to know more? Check out details below.)

Consistent Healing Through Weekly Coaching Sessions
We’ll see you online once a week — for a live coaching and mentoring session. You’ll get timely support from your coach, connect to your peers and go through fresh inner clearing exercises. Just sit back and relax while your host guides you through new healing processes designed to help you clear out any stress or resistance from your body.

Network & Support
It’s what we all want, isn’t it? In this programme you'll meet amazing people from across the globe, all here for one reason - to let their body heal naturally. Many connections you make will last a lifetime. You’ll be paired up with amazing individuals, ready to support you… as well as Journey practitioners who’ve experienced the same ups and downs, and are always ready to share. You are NOT alone. In this group, people help each other out.

Personal Accountability Partner
As one of the unique benefits of this programme you'll be assigned an accountability partner, with another participant you’ll have private 1-to-1 time to facilitate process work and hold one another to a high standard. Sharing your experience with an accountability partner makes this programme different from any other.

Ask For Advice… Anytime
Whenever you need input about health issues, anxiety, emotional roadblocks, or any area of your life… you are supported by a team of Senior Journey practitioners who can give personal recommendations and best-practice solutions for all your questions and are available for One-to-one Journey process work. It's an amazing group of like-minded people wanting to share ideas, inspiration and support with each other.

What Do You Get When You Join?

5 weekly teaching videos to support and     complement your journey

* Physical Healing
* Emotional Healing
* Freedom from Limiting Fears
* Healing from the Baggage of Negative Beliefs
* The Healing Power of Forgiveness

Weekly live coaching calls

* Weekly live calls
* Downloadable replays

7 Journey Process Scripts

* Physical Healing Journey
* 6-Step Reframe
* Emotional Healing Journey
* Vow-Change
* Worst and Best Fear Process
* Belief Change Process
* Forgiveness

Complementary resources

* Interactive workbook
*  Journey audiobook

Instant Invite to Radical Healing Support Group

* You will join hundreds of others who have decided to immerse themselves in Radical Healing Journey
* Access to Senior Journey Practitioners
* Accountability partner
* 1-to-1 Journey processes available

BONUS 1: Two Months membership to The Coming Home Community
A Community Becoming More Liberated. Happy. Divine.

In this transformational subscription programme you will be immersed in the teachings of Brandon Bays on a regular basis.

The Coming Home community consists of beautiful, present, loving individuals from all around the world who are committed to living incredible lives and supporting each other in doing so. 

Brandon hosts a monthly live Satsang in Coming Home as well so you will get regular access to her and the newest, freshest work available.
BONUS 2: 14 Video Interviews with Natural Healing 
Practitioners from Radiant Health Summit 

We want to make sure that you where able to listen to the interviews from the Radiant Health summit and hear all the health advice and personal healing practices from the speakers. If you didn’t have time, then we’re giving you free access to all the interviews as a bonus.

About Your Host, Bet-Diening Weatherston

Bet-Diening Weatherston is an International Presenter of the Journey and Visionary Leadership, co-author of “Living the Journey” and former North-American CEO of Conscious Leadership Coaching company, a programme for personal and professional leadership development.

Her passion is to share these healing tools with people and she has coached thousands of people as a programme facilitator, personal coach, friend and family member. She realised that these skills support anyone willing to fully feel their emotions and experience forgiveness so that they can heal. 

She brings compassion, love and humour into everything and helps people to integrate these incredible healing tools into their everyday lives —which is exactly what you will experience during the Radical Healing Journey LIVE sessions.

About Your Co-Host — Brandon Bays (Pioneer of the Journey Method)

Brandon at the age of 39, was diagnosed with a basketball-sized tumor and through her journey of listening to her own body wisdom and healing completely in only 6 ½ weeks, without drugs or surgery Journeywork was born. 

Since then, over the last 22 years the work has been constantly developed and refined and the Journey method has spread rapidly and is now recognized internationally as one of the most powerful natural healing processes available. It’s used in schools, churches, hospitals, prisons, addiction centres, governmental organisations, by health professionals and laymen alike. Seminars take place in 47 countries and change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people every year.

Brandon’s passion is helping people to take the lid off their natural shining light, live fully expressed as their highest potential and find lasting fulfillment in all areas of life. Brandon travels 44 weeks of the year around the globe offering seminars, workshops, retreats and online events.

Read What People Experienced with 
Radical Healing Journey

It Is Such a Big WOW
“My clients' processes have been remarkably deep. The "one minute mile effect" has dissolved so much of the resistance in the 'room'. I am truly in awe at just how much flow there is to this RHJourney. It is such a big WOW!”
Carolina Bookless
Coach for Radical Healing Journey program, summer 2013, Canada
Can Participate Whenever And From Wherever
“The programme coaches me during everyday life, there are lot of people "with me", if I want to I could work with myself and with the programme at different times (24 h). Now I'm a mother of a baby (and alone all the time) and so I can't go easily to a seminar or a therapist.”
Claudia Michel
nutritionist from Germany

530,000 STUDENTS
Support Is Amazing
“The support from the coaches is amazing. Very nice to feel part of the group. It is so nice how everybody is sharing their wisdom and experiences. In addition, module 3 about fears really hit home. And I like it that there is a Facebook Group too!”
Marina Maroulakis
Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety Consultant at Philips, Netherlands
I Have Been Matched Miraculously With My Accountability Partner
“Most of all I like my contact with my accountability partner. Sharing with her and swapping journeys with her is really what helps me heal. We have been matched miraculously.”
Anne Louise Bugge
Receptionist, Denmark
Processes I Had Never Done Before Were So Powerful
“I was amazed that the processes I had never done before were so powerful. I also like to watch Brandon's videos. I feel her love and looking at her eyes, I feel that she’s just in front of me, her presence is very strong. I cry watching every new video due to her vibration; I feel it coming from her heart going directly into mine.”
Joelle Bert, 

Try Out Radical Healing Journey – Risk-Free for 14 Days

We know we can’t, privately coach everyone looking for guidance and help in the comfort and convenience of their own home. Not only is it a physically impossibility, it would be financially out of reach for most people.

That’s why we created Radical Healing Journey. For under €6 a day, you receive the equivalent of a weekly mentoring session from Brandon and Bet, using the tools and techniques that we feel are the MOST important and effective in finding and resolving the emotional root cause of your life issues.

The complete programme is 5 weeks long, but access to the membership site is for as long as you like. You get a new teaching module every week for 5 weeks.

Plus, you can try out the first two week’s worth of video mentoring sessions risk-free. If you aren’t completely satisfied within the first 14 days, simply let us know and you’ll get a full refund.

If you’re still reading this, it means you’re ready and you need to be praised for your courage to face your pain and finish with it, we’ve all been there! 

Focus on your breathing now and ask yourself - how does this programme feel for me?

Nobody can fix you or heal you and it’s not something you can learn.

You simply have to trust, open, be willing to explore and know your own inner wisdom already knows what to do on your healing journey.

To help facilitate this we’ve put together a comprehensive programme to give you the tools and support so you can get started at home.
Choose Your Package:

When You Join Radical Healing Journey, You Will Get:
  • 5 Core Teaching modules from Brandon Bays
  • Daily interaction and online support from 10 Senior Journey Practitioners
  • Downloadable PDF files for process work 
  • Access to the private membership community with hundreds of likeminded people
  • An Accountability Partner
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Be Part of The Worldwide Community

Last year we had the honour and privilege to reach more than 30,000 people around the world through Journey Seminars, Retreats and Events. Over 10,000 people were part of our online community and experienced the Journey Method at home. All this with little or no marketing, because our happy community continually spread the word.
Here are the topics we cover in Radical Healing Journey and a small sample of what’s on offer:

Connecting to Your Body and Feeling More At Ease

  • Uncover the root cause of your health issue and get access to tools to clear them 
  • Experience different ways to release deeply buried cell memories stored in your body
  • A practical strategy for what to do when you feel disconnected from your body
  • Discover your unconscious sabotaging strategies preventing natural healing  
  • Connecting through your body, to existing pain or chronic issues and allow healing to begin
  • Stop any stress related to your issues and experience ease and happiness instead

Why health problems are almost ALWAYS about emotions

  • A clear understanding of how your emotions are linked to the issue you’re experiencing
  • Experience how it feel to be healthy and happy - and make this a daily reality
  • Uncover your own ability to heal 
  • How your childhood created recurring health patterns today
  • Receive a lifelong set of skills and tools to find, connect and heal the root cause of your issues

Finishing with past hurts and trauma for good

  • How to uncover, fully feel and clear and heal from past traumas...without condoning inappropriate or abusive behaviours
  • Addressing childhood traumas that still haunt you
  • A quick way to have a much healthier relationship with ourselves on a cellular level
  • How to truly forgive the seemingly unforgivable and move forward in life with vibrancy and passion

Healthy way to express, not suppress

  • Explore why your relationships with loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues are problematic and get strategies to transform them into positive ones.
  • Discover and identify negative beliefs creating problems in your life
  • How to find relief in the face of overwhelming fear
  • Healthy way to express not suppress even your most negative emotions 
  •  A gentle and effective way to support your body while you’re going through this transformation
Choose Your Package:

When You Join Radical Healing Journey, You Will Get:
  • 5 Core Teaching modules from Brandon Bays
  • Daily interaction and online support from 10 Senior Journey Practitioners
  • Downloadable PDF files for process work 
  • Access to the private membership community with hundreds of likeminded people
  • An Accountability Partner
Registration is now closed. Want to know when the next Radical Healing journey starts? 
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